Agrar Simulator 2013

Graphics-rich software that lets users drive farm equipment in a virtual environment


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  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
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  • Program by UIG

Agrar Simulator 2013 is a farming simulation game for Windows PC.

Agrar Simulator works a bit differently than other farm simulator games in that its flaws are what make it enjoyable for many players. The introductory tutorials are meant to show players how to operate their farming equipment and move cargo. Unfortunately in the game the directions are poorly written and steps in the process omitted, leading to hilarious results such as 'guess which key controls the steering wheel'.

Options and settings is the recommended way of determining how to operate the farm machinery and even get into the trucks or tractors. Players who fail to do this may not be able to figure out through the tutorial how to climb onto a vehicle in order to drive it. The controls are available for turning, accelerating, starting and stopping; however, the player must learn exactly how little or much force to use. Hint: the amount randomly varies.

Speeding up too rapidly has been known to make a tractor take a nosedive into the ground, spin off its tires and hop back upright on the road. A checkpoint which was a little touchy to achieve offered multiple hits and misses before getting a tractor into place with its end point.

It is a completely unrealistic game, but the games flaws and strange AI moves can provide a lot of amusement. Big-name brands of tractors and other machinery are placed inside the game. Lucky players may get to see a Valtra or Massey Ferguson spin off the road straight into a flock of chickens.

Made by UIG Games (an IGN company) who also created Woodcutter Simulator, comparing the two makes one think perhaps the clunky and ill-put-together feel is on purpose as one product is a near-complete opposite of the other one. IGN has created many intricate April 1st jokes on fans, including a trailer for a movie version of Zelda (which was never planned to be developed as a movie), and more recently a promotional on April 1 for an Apple game console which they called the iPlay.

The game is free; however, and many players have reviewed it saying that downloading and trying it is worth the effort and hard-drive space, if only for the complete blooper experience of Agrar Simulator 2013.


  • Entertaining
  • Real tractor brands
  • Some hilarity over missed controls


  • Tutorials confuse rather than inform
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